Vector Information Systems Inc.

Technical Services, Products and Consultation.

Vector Information Systems Inc. (Vinfo) is a boutique technology consulting firm and specialty software provider. Our products and services include expert technical consulting and our graphical audio editor and batch-processing tools for digitized sound. Over the course of the past twenty years, the names VFEdit® and Audio ToolBox™ have become industry staples with 80% market penetration worldwide. With over 30 years in the IT industry, you can trust Vinfo to deliver technology and strategic solutions that work.

Our team is professional, knowledgeable and truly committed to its work. Please contact us if you have a position or project that appears to be too difficult for other firms.

Business Portal / Product Locator

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www.FunLA.comLos Angeles Travel, Food and Entertainment

Socializing on the Internet has become increasingly popular. It's not enough to just have nice pictures and a populated database. Customers, employees, and contacts from your social circles want interactivity and regional accessibility which comes from sophisticated programming, database and ecommerce capability and management.  LA has some of the best music and arts.  Find Event listings and preview out Los Angeles' hippest and most talented artists, musicians and designers. FunLA website

Search Engine Services - Backlink / Content Generator

Obtanium Backlink Generator, Search Engine Spider & Browser, Email Collector, and News Feed Generator, the Internet Home for VInfo's search products. Valuable tools and information to maximize your search capabilities.  Obtanium Search Engine, Spider and Browser is a total, from the ground up implementation of a data aggregator. Built with the latest software technologies, it implements an open, "inside out" architecture to provide effective, secure search service with simple configuration. The search engine is designed to work hand in hand with the TekGuard Microsoft Outlook PlugIn.  Obtanium website

Virtual Answering Service

With our Freedom Series of Toll-Free Voicemail and Virtual Office Solutions you now have the ability to be reached anywhere in the world without missing important calls, sales and income.  For those interested in saving monthly costs on items like Fax machines, Phone systems, Answering services, paper, and even physical office space - our virtual Freedom Voice system can be your answer to streamlining and rightsizing your business.

Our Virtual Small & Home office 800 Number Voicemail Freedom systems let you route your regular business line to a central office, where a sophisticated auto-attendant system will take your calls, try to find you ("follow me"), and forward the call; or take a message and email it or save it for later phone retrieval.  Voice Information website

TekGuard Online Guardian

Online Security

VInfo's TekGuard EMail Interceptor, an anti-spam Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) and Post Office Protocol (POP) email service and software, is a fast, secure, stable, fully featured native Microsoft .NET mail server. Our Outlook Plug-In provides a Microsoft Outlook add-in to help identify and mark incoming junk mail. When used with Enterprise Edition, Personal Edition communicates with the EMI server to identify junk mail as it arrives for additional protection. TekGuard website

VFEdit and Audio Toolbox

Create great sounding voice files for your Computer Telephony Systems with VFEdit and Audio ToolBox. Our voice processing software products work with Dialogic and Dialogic compatible as well as other computer telephony sound systems in ADPCM, Mu-law, A-law and other encoding formats. Award-winning, commercial software including a graphical audio editor (VFEdit) and batch-processing tools for digitized sound (Audio ToolBox). Visit the VFEdit website.

www.ProfHudson.come-Commerce Solutions

In his Mokuroku, Okazaki advised his students that it is necessary to acquire certain principles in order to be effective at JuJitsu and life. This three-tape training series enables you to deepen your understanding of Jujitsu as relayed by Professor Bob Hudson, a respected sensei and student of the legendary master Okazaki.
Prof Hudson website

Development Projects

Please take a moment and review some samples of sites that Vector Information Systems, Inc. has developed. These site links provide a quick look at the scope of work that Vector Information Systems has done. You can read a brief overview of some of the features and information about the underlying technology prior to visiting each site.

Source Code, Licenses and Websites for Sale
Our voice processing source code and website are for sale and/or licensing, including all documentation and trademarks for our legacy digital audio products. Other web addresses are available as sub-domains.